Quick summary of some essential ideas

Collective goals

  1. Purpose: We need to recover the fundamental sense of purpose of human beings. The basis of our current system is based on the loss of meaning in our lives.
  2. Budget: We should think as the Earth as a single closed system that operates in a unified budget regarding resources, needs, goals, projects and equality.
  3. Prices should reflect the real global cost, impact and conditions of a certain product or service, not only its supposed value, quality and scarcity.
  4. Priorities: Administrations should prevent through laws and taxes that partial, short-term interests compromise the global, long-term sustainability.
  5. Progress: Every local increase of productivity should be used to benefit local welfare and save global resources, not as a new milestone that everyone else has to reach.
  6. Restrictions: Activities based on never-ending cycles of eternal growth should be limited as they tend to collect and exploit all available resources, set harder goals and spread inequality.

Personal goals

  1. Be free: Be competent, feel, think and act freely and be coherent so that you are legitimised to defend your principles.
  2. Do Good: Try to improve the world, negotiate during conflict, fight for what's worth protecting, be fair, reasonable, responsible, self-demanding and behave sustainably.
  3. Seek the Truth: Be humble, doubt, be honest, know and listen to yourself and others, share the truth, keep open minded, be grateful, prioritise important truths over ordinary.
  4. Look for Beauty: Be self-demanding and simple, take care of yourself and others, be serene, calm and gentle, share, play, express yourself through art and love.
  5. Be effective: Look ahead, prioritise, decide and act, take risks when necessary.


  1. Reality: We should try to sort out Reality through scientific facts, so we can live with Meaning.
  2. Space: We seem to be trapped in a field (space-time) with some players (matter) and rules (forces) that combined provide a game to play (degrees of freedom).
  3. Life is enabled and unavoidable given enough resources, degrees of freedom, stability and iterations.
  4. Consciousness is the natural evolution of the combination of perception and the capability to remember.
  5. Freedom: We make genuine decisions, but they are always conditioned by our programming and our experience through life.
  6. Death: our consciousness has no means to experience other than when we are alive.
  7. Self-awareness: We can understand ours and other's contexts and limitations. This can be used to increase our survival, sustainability and justice, but also to cause unfair suffering among others.
  8. Values: We should genuinely do our best to ensure freedom, good, truth, beauty and effectiveness beyond any law, believe system, or God.
  9. Responsibility: Our responsibility to take action is proportional to our resources and knowledge, and inversely proportional to our constraints.
  10. Meaning: The ultimate meaning of Life is to use our freedom and awareness to act responsibly, coherently and aligned with a set of values and principles.